Chauchilla cemetery tour

Cod 2029

Duration 2 hours

Price from 25 USD  per person minimum 02 passengers

Tour description:

Get2peru offers a two hours tour to visit the Chauchilla cemetery. 28 kms south of Nazca is the Chauchilla Cemetery, where dozens of mommies are on display. While most people think of Egypt as the land of the mummies, Peru has a surprising number of mummified bodies on display and the Chauchilla cemetery is one of the best places to see them.

While a few of the mummies here are covered and in protective cases, most of the bodies are out in the open, which gives you a super unique way of viewing these ancient corpses. The bodies are so remarkably preserved due mainly to the dry climate in the Peruvian desert  but the funeral rites were also a contributing factor. The bodies were clothed in embroidered cotton and then painted with a resin and kept in purpose-built Tombs made from mud bricks. The resin is thought to have kept out insects and slowed bacteria trying to feed on the bodies

What is included

  • Private service

  • Professional tour Guide

  • Languages other than Spanish and English to be confirmed upon request

  • Transportation Air conditioning

What is not included

  • Entrance fee

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