Chauchilla cemetery TOUR 

Cod 2029

Duration 2 hours

Departs daily: from 6am to  4 pm. 

Price from 30 USD  per person

About this tour :

The largest necropolis in the area is located outside the Nazca town, laying peacefully .  in the Nazca valley are the mommies well preserve waiting for the visitors around the globe. The irony is that they represent life, they are the testimony of how the ancient Nazca people lived and belived strongly in the life after death.


At the agreed time we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you 28 kilometres outside Nazca city where  the Chauchilla cemetery is located.  There you will see remains of the Nazca old culture. Also you will visit the artisan gold extraction and the work of craftsmen elaborating the finest ceramic of this part of Peru

What is included

  • Sites above described

  • Guide

  • Entrances fees

  • Transportation

What is not included

  • Meals

  • Drinks

  • Accommodation

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