Usaka sandboarding & Cahuachi Pyramids

Cod 1077

Departure. Daily at 10am  and 2 pm.

Duration : 4 hours approx.

Price from 30 USD per person

 This is a four hours tour that includes the sand dunes on 4x4 buggies. Our program includes visit to Ocongalla aqueduct, the Cachuachi pyramids and the dunes.


We will pick you from your hotel to start with our tour to the Usaka desert which is in the western lower part of the Nazca Valley. Our first stop will be in the archaeological place of Cahuachi which is a citadel made of mud bricks. Here you will see temples and pyramids that are more than 2000 years old. Then we will visit a place called “Estaqueria” which is an archaeological place where you will see big stakes embedded to the desert and some buildings made of mud bricks. After that, we will go through a small town called “Tambo de Perro” which is mainly inhabited by cotton farmers. Finally we will go through the Nazca River and we will arrive to the Usaka desert. In this place we will have an amusing ride on the dunes and we will go to the top of one of the dunes to practice sand boarding. Our tour conductor will give us some safety information and then we will slide down the dunes on our sand boards. This sport is suitable for everybody as it can be practiced by amateurs or professionals. This tour is perfect to share a nice experience with family and friends. After enjoying this trip, we will return to Nazca and finish our tour.

What is included

  • Sites above described

  • Professional tour Guide

  • Transportation 4X4 BUGGY

  • Sandboarding instruccions

  • Basic sandboard

What is not included

  • Meals

  • Drinks

  • Accommodation

IMPORTANT : This tour is one of adventure therefore we reccommend our passengers to be cautious when practising sandboarding. Fast your sealbet and enjoy the ride!

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