Tambo Colorado

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Tambo Colorado is located 22 miles (35 km) inland from the city of Pisco. This archeological site features large adobe complexes arranged around a trapezoidal plaza. Tambo Colorado is known by a variety of Quechua names – including Puka Tampu (“red resting place”) and Tukawasi (“red house”) – that hint at its colour. The buildings at Tambo Colorado are primarily made from adobe, but there are also horizontal ribbons of red, white, and yellow. The painting often accentuates niches and other structures.

Tambo Colorado was likely built during the 15th or 16th century as a way for the Inca to demonstrate their regional power. At the time, their empire stretched all the way from modern-day Chile to the Ecuador-Colombia border. Sites like Tambo Colorado were used as regional administrative centers aimed at helping integrate the conquered local people.

There are several structures that surround a large central plaza, as well as a raised ceremonial platform known as an Ushnu, which functioned as a sort of throne for the Inca ruler. A number of niches and latticework is also carved into the adobe.

Tambo Colorado provides travellers with a fascinating look into Inca culture. It’s not crowded with tourists and is a prime place to take panoramic photos.

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