Economic service 


Cod 1015

Price: from  150 USD per person

About this program :

Reception upon por arrival in Nazca for your get2peru host and transfer to your hotel in Nazca, afternoon tour to the  Chauchilla cemetery.  Next day enjoy your flight over the Nazca lines .

This is a program that takes care of your visit to Nazca from begginning to end, you wont need to worry about anything, is also flexible you can add Ica or Paracas just let us know. Hotel is basic but ultra clean with private bathroom and one block from bus station.

The duration of the  flight is 30 minutes over the Nazca Lines if you wish you can upgrade to 1 hour Nazca-Palpa flight 

Land tour can be ex-change to Cahuachi or Acueducts .



  •  Upon arrival our guide will collect from the bus station and transfer to your near hotel where you can rest for a while.
  • We always suggest our passengers to attend the Planetariun lecture is very informative and didactic about the Nazca lines another option os to visit the Antonini musuem . 


  • Early start if weather is  fine, transfer to the airport before breakfast. Perhaps you will need to take a pill to prevent dizziness if you easily get sick on the rides. The whole process at the airport takes around 2 hours approx.
  • Please do not forget your passport or ID is mandatory in the security process for boarding the plane, also do not bring much staff to the plane, for space and  weight issues you are not going to be allowed to take much with you. Use light clothing.
  • The check in process over the counter includes hand over your passport , pay the airport tax and step on a scale to measure your weight
  • While you are waiting at the airport for your turn to fly our guide will brief you about the Nazca lines tour and watch a video about the Nazca lines.
  • Do not bring staff prohibited in most airports, otherwise security  will keep it and returned to you after the flight. (most people ended up forgetting their staff at the airport
  • Before to board the plane you will receive a briefing from the pilot or copilot explaining what you are about to see.
  • The flight takes 30 minutes but the circuit itself is 20 minutes, the planes are for 2,4,5,6,and 12 passengers and the crew is composed by the pilot and the copilot, you will be provided with headphones to hear the pilot instructions to see the lines.
  • This is a scenic flight there is not guide available in the flight therefore do not expect much from the pilots their work is to flight the plane safetely.
  • After the flight we will drive you back to your hotel to have breakfast and check out. 
  • We will collect you at the agreed time to start the land tour of your choice ( Chauchilla cemetery, Usaka desert, Aqueducts or Cahuachi Pyramids these are your options included in this program choose one out of them


Free afternoon, you can choose to leave early or book another tour with us.

Once you finish your activities in Nazca we will assist you to get to your next destination.

 What is included

  •  Nazca lines classic overflight
  • 01 one way  bus ticket  to Nazca.
  • 1 night hotel accommodation / breakfast 
  • Pottery factory
  • Chauchilla cemetery tour 
  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation A/C
  • luggage storage
  • wifi
  • free coca tea 
  • facilities to wait for your next bus 

What is not included

  • Drinks and Meals.
  • Airport tax 30 soles 
  • Chauchilla entrance fee 8  soles 
  • Touristic atractions entrance fees. 8 soles 

Important Information and Recommendations:

  • All passengers must bring passports
  • Please wear light clothing (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
  • Please eat breakfast after your flight
  • If your weight is greater than 90 kilos (200 lbs) please let us know.

Let us know  if you are interested in this program