Nazca & Palpa Lines 1 hour flight from Nasca

Cod 1073 Nazca & Palpa Lines flight

price 190 USD per person minimum 02 people

Program overview

This a special one time experience in life, if flying the Nazca lines only is full adrenaline, well please imagine to see more than usually people see when booking a flight over the Nazca lines, this flight is a luxury just for few people to dare to see it all. 

We will collect you from bus station or your hotel in Nazca drive you to the airport where the small plane will be waiting for you for this special experience, our guide will explained you the 1 hour circuit so you wont miss anything in the flight. 

When you finish your tour we will be waiting for you to drive you back to Nazca.



While most of us are more familiar with the Nazca lines, the Palpa lines are another set of intriguing and extraordinary collection of geoglyphs located near the more famous Nazca lines. While the Palpa lines resemble their more famous counterparts at Nazca, the enigmatic drawings are somewhat different, even though both sites have been the center of debate ever since their discoveries, these two ancient sites have triggered mythological and paranormal stories for years.

While archeologists are still unsure as to what the true purpose of the Palpa lines was, recent archeological studies have shown that the Palpa lines could d predate the Nazca lines by around 1000 years. highly recommend this special one hour tour over the newly-discovered Palpa and famous Nazca Lines. Included in this tour also are spired-shaped aqueducts of Cantalloc.


Our service includes pick up from hotel or bus station to Maria Reiche Airport. Once there we will assist you with the check-in and the security procedures. While you wait for you scheduled flight you can watch a brief documentary about Nazca Lines theories how they were made and why? Enjoy your very special flight!

What is included

  • Pickup at your hotel or bus station.
  • One hour special flight over Nazca & Palpa Lines
  • Acueducts from the air
  • Transfer to the airport and return.
  • Video documentary about Nazca Lines
  • Assistance.

What is not included

  • Airport tax [$10 USD per person]
  • Meals
  • Drinks

Important Information and Recommendations:

  • All passengers must bring passports
  • Please wear light clothing (t-shirts, shorts, etc.)
  • Please eat breakfast after your flight
  • If your weight is greater than 90 kilos (200 lbs.) please let us know.

Price from 179 USD minimum 02 Price increases during July and August up to 200 USD

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