Nazca Lines important tips before the flight


If you have read the townsands reviews about the Nazca lines flighs you will find that the experiences differ from each other tremendously, and it is because of the many companies that offer this service. Firts make sure you fly in a reputable agency.

Second,the time of flying is super important, the earliest you get to fly the better Why? because, Nazca is a desert the climate is warm and about the midday reach the 35 degrees and that heat creates turbulence in the air contribuing to make the flight bumpy plus the heat inside the small plane contibute to make you dizzy.

Third; Is important to have information about the Nazca lines before the flight, the pilot and copilot are not able to provide this important information, get2peru offers a briefing or lecture about the flight usually a day before the flight, the owner explains about the different theories, about the size of the lines, and about the flight itself, also provide you with tips to avoid get dizzy on the plane.