Nazca &   Palpa lines  

Cod 2012

Departure: Daily from 7am. to 4 pm.

Duration  2-3 hours

Price from 35 USD  Minimum 02

The tour by land to the Nazca lines is a wonderful experience, the duration is approximately between  two to three hours depending on the service you choose ( private or within a group). You will visit the metal towers along the panamerican highway , in addition you will visit the natural hill located in the desert where you will be able to  see the straight lines  very closely, the program  includes a guided tour in  the Maria Reiche house museum.

Please Note: The private tour of 3 hours allows you to see  the newly discovered  Palpa Lines.

Itinerary ( private service)

The three-hour tour begins with the visit of the tower of Llipata where you will observe the Palpa Lines, later continue with the tower Maria Reiche where you will observe the hands , the tree and the Lizard from the Nazca lines, the third viewpoint is a hill from where Maria Reiche tested that a line points to the summer solisiticio. Another characteristic of this viewpoint is that most people agree that they have felt a special energy that emanates from this enigmatic place.

We finish the tour with the optional visit of the Maria Reiche museum to, in this museum you will be able to appreciate the best preserved mummy of Nazca. with tattooed arms

What is included

  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Some of the Palpa lines  from the Llipata tower
  • The Maria Reiche tower
  • The Natural hill lookpoint
  • Marias Reiche house museum
  • Professional tour Guide
  • Transportation with A/C
  • Entrance fees

What is not included

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Accommodation

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